All Websites With Us Will Include:

  • A subdomain name that is instantly ready to display and/or sell your artwork with no additional name needed.
  • The ability to use your own domain name - if you do not have one you can purchase one here:
  • A responsive website template system with lots of choices for customizing how your website looks and feels to your audience. You will also have the ability to change the look at any time you wish with a click of the button.
  • A simple interface that makes it easy to manage and update your site.
  • The ability to set up your website to change appearance based on a date range. (for example, you can set your site to look different at holidays or different seasons – like Christmas from Dec 1st to Dec 31st – or to a Saint Patrick’s day look for two days, etc.
  • SEO tools built right in to your site – Alt Tags – Site Maps – Header Tags – making it easier for the search engines to find your website.

Websites With A Shopping Cart Will Include:

  • A simple to use shopping cart with the ability to sell your art and products. You can set any price - we take no commission on sales!
  • The ability to show different options for your artwork and set different prices for each option. (For example, if there are 3 different sizes to your product, you can set up the product one time and simply put different prices for the different sizes.)
  • Ability to keep track of your inventory (So if you have a one of a kind piece, it will not let a customer order two, and once it is ordered, it automatically gets removed from the cart.)
  • You collect all the money you make from your sales through your PayPal or a few others we have integrated. We have the integration tools, you just choose the one you want to use from our list and then fill in the needed information to integrate them. (Usually, you'll have to fill out things like your username and password to that merchant account.)
  • You handle all of your own money. No percentages are ever taken by us, and the money is in your account right at the time of the purchase.

Website Add-Ons:

  • Technical Support – Get assistance with set up and maintenance of your website from our tech team: $100 flat fee
  • Done-For-You Website Design – We will design your website for you the way you want it: Starting at $100 per page
  • Email – We can host your email (with your domain name): $2 a month per email address. Example: (
  • SSL – Your shopping cart will already have an SSL, but we can set up your entire site to be under an SSL: $5 a month